Meet the Maker

Nijaz, an artist with an enduring passion for product design, discovered in candles the perfect outlet for his creative energies within the realm of home decor. The birth of Jade Parc marks the culmination of his artistic journey. Initially, it was a modest venture, a sideline hobby devoted to crafting trays. However, as Nijaz poured his heart into his work, one thing led to another, and Jade Parc came to life.

  • Our Commitment

    Unlike mass-produced candles found in big box stores, Jade Parc candles are meticulously handcrafted. Each candle is a work of art, individually poured and crafted with attention to detail.

  • Premium Ingredients

    We prioritize the use of premium, high-quality ingredients. Our candles are made from the finest coconut-apricot wax blends and infused with carefully selected fragrances.

  • Unique Scents

    We blend and design our fragrances to evoke specific moods, memories, and emotions. With our diverse range of scents, customers can find the perfect candle to suit their individual preferences

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